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Welcome to Gafah, the freelance portal specifically designed to help today’s businesses in the Middle East and North Africa find the expert services that they need quickly and in a single, unified platform. Freelancing is becoming more and more popular in today’s market for a number of different reasons, but most importantly, for affordability, convenience, and speed.

Here at Gafah, we’re taking the freelance movement in stride and have built a massive network of freelancers who can provide virtually any service that a contemporary business could ever need. With local freelancers sourced throughout the MENA region, all it takes is two simple clicks to have your services delivered to you online.

Our main goal is to take the hassle away from clients and freelancers, so that neither party is forced to interact with each other too frequently to make a deal happen. Instead, Gafah takes this task off of the hands of our clients and freelancers to ensure a perfect deal each and every time.

At Gafah, our freelancers offer a wide range of services throughout the areas of:

·       Business

·       IT Support

·       Web & Mobile Application Development/Support

·       Business Intelligence

·       Graphic Design

·       Writing & Translation


And for us, meeting expectations simply isn’t enough – we look to exceed our clients’ expectations after each and every job.

Join Us As A Freelancer

If you’re a freelance worker located somewhere in the MENA region, consider joining Gafah and let us pair you with committed clients who are seeking the particular types of services that you offer. Instantly become part of a massive network of freelancers and leverage the power of our platform to receive consistent work and consistent wages with little client interaction.

Click here to see the types of services that we are currently looking to fill. If your abilities and services match what we’re looking to offer our clients, contact us today and let’s get you set up with Gafah.

Become A Partnering Business

Are you a business owner? Do you frequently outsource tasks like graphic design, business intelligence, web development, and the like? If so, consider joining Gafah as a business and leverage our massive network of freelance workers to help complete your tasks quickly, efficiently, and at a price that you can afford.

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